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Alkaline Ionised Water - The Healthy Alternative

Registered Medical Device by the Korean FDA

Ditch the bottled water



Elite Water Ionizer HI Series

9 platinum-coated titanium electrodes (see unit specifications)

Drinking Filtered Alkaline Ionized Water on tap, is the healthy alternative. The Elite can be easily installed to the tap (also capable of being wall mounted), or connected directly to the cold water supply pipe with a separate adaptor available on request.

The Elite Ionizer is supplied with adaptors for the installation to the tap and is therefore ready to use.

Technical Specifications

  • LCD display and touch pad operation

  • Fully automatic water ionization

  • Touch screen with 7 colours to match pH level

  • Automated self-cleaning process with voice function

  • Microprocessor controlled functions

  • Dual filter-system down to .01 micron CE-compliant and ISO 9001:2008

  • Proven reliability world wide

  • Registered Medical Device by the Korean FDA

  • 5 year warranty


  • Electrical consumption             Max 150 W

  • Weight                                      7.2 kg

  • Measurements (WxDxH)         360 x 132 x 393 mm

  • Water pressure                        1 – 5 bar

  • Water temperature                   4 – 30 C, auto shutdown at high                                                     temps

  • pH settings                               4 alkaline, 3 acidic, turbo and 1 neutral

  • Flow rate                                  Average 2 litre/min

  • Electrode type                          9 Platinum coated titanium                                                             electrodes

  • Filter unit                                  2 filters, easy changeable

  • Filter life                                   Average 3600 litre/ or 6 months

  • Filter material                           2 filters: active-carbon/ EM                                                             ceramics/UF membrane



pH – adjustments

4 alkaline levels:

  • Level 1 – alkaline water approx. pH 7 – 8.

  • Level 2 – alkaline water approx. pH 8 -9.

  • Level 3 – alkaline water approx. pH 10.

  • Level 4 Turbo – alkaline water for cleaning.


3 acidic levels:

  • Level 1 – weak acidic water, for washing (body & food)

  • Level 2 – medium acidic water, for washing fruits/vegies and                        medical treatment.

  • Level 3 Turbo – acidic water for cleaning, disinfecting and                            sterilizing.


1 neutral level:

  • Level 1 – neutral pH only filtered water, for taking medications


ORP (mv): Oxidation Reduction Potential

  • Alkaline Ionized Water pH 7.5 ~ 10   ORP -50 ~ -400 mv

  • Turbo Strong Alkaline  Water pH 11  ORP -500 ~ -800 mv

       Increase in positive ions, decrease in anions.


Don’t waste your money on expensive, sub-standard bottled water.

Affordable ionised alkaline water on tap


Hydroxyl Ions, oxygen molecules with an extra electron attached, are abundant in ionised water. Their function is to act as scavengers which seek out free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that cause irreversible damage to your cells. Hydroxyl antioxidant will seek out and cancel out a free radical by donating an extra electron. The result is your body has more oxygen and potentially more energy. The function of oxygen is to carry away acid waste from the body and tissues.


The Ionic H2O Elite alkaline water ioniser produces water with a high Negative Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP) that is a super antioxidant. It has a high pH level (8.5 - 9.5) and a smaller micro cluster size to the water molecule (57 hz). To get the full benefit of ionised water you really need to consume it within 24 hours while it still contains the hydroxyl ions evident by the thousands of tiny bubbles. Our alkaline water ioniser allows you to take control of your health. 


Ditch the bottled water

Alkaline water in a typical plastic bottle won't maintain the health benefits due to the transportation and distribution process. Since the full antioxidant properties are so short-lived, buying bottled alkaline water may be a waste of money. 


The green alternative

The Ionic H2O alkaline water ionisers are the green alternative to the huge problem created by the bottled water industry. Manufacturing, distribution and sales of bottled water consume massive amounts of natural resources. Some bottles will be recycled, but the majority will end up in landfill. And many plastic water bottles contain BPA (Bisphenol A), a chemical used to harden plastics which can be absorbed when you drink the water, and which can leach into the groundwater when disposed of. The Ionic H2O Elite home water ioniser is a mini water factory that is good for the planet, while our POD H2O represents the portable green alternative. 


Why pay more?

The Ionic H2O Elite alkaline water ioniser is an investment that pays off. Alkaline water from the supermarket will typically sell for $3.50 per litre. If you were to consume your daily needs of water from alkaline bottled water, you would be spending around $6,400.00 per year. Our machine will therefore pay for itself within six months.