Ionic H2O's Journey


Ionic H2O is an Australian owned company based on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Over the past 15 years, the CEO David Matthews has been actively researching water from around the world.


It all started with his interest in an invention called ‘The Joe Cell,’ which somehow bred life force (chi) in the cell’s water and is able to run a motor vehicle. David quickly learned that water could be 'alive' or 'dead'. He discovered that tap water, demineralised water, RO reverse osmosis and many brands of bottled water were dead with little or no life force (Kilian photography). Through his experiments with the Joe Cell, he soon realised that electricity was a key element in creating a living water with ‘life force.’


One question started to ‘bug him: “what do all the famous healing waters (Lourdes in France, Nordenau in Germany, Hunza Land, a remote area in the Himalayan Mountains, Tlacote in Mexico, Nadana in India, and other places) from around the globe have in common?” David even looked at other places where people lived to be over 100 and found that there was one common denominator and it was in the water…atomic hydrogen and molecular hydrogen, structured and full of ionic minerals, and this is what made it significantly different. This water is alive!


David would like to share this quote with you: “The simple truth is that, according to Dr Sanetaka Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University, so called healing waters all contain active hydrogen (atomic hydrogen) and hydrogen (molecular hydrogen).” Hydrogen rich water contains a high amount of active hydrogen. Active-hydrogen has been found to have the highest capacity of removing active oxygen (Oxidation Reduction Potential ORP) compared to all other antioxidant substances. This is why water from an ioniser is so good for you. Not only does it have the antioxidant properties, it is mineral enriched, energised, ionised, alkalised and reduced (small water cluster for optimal cellular absorption).


The water ioniser was the key to producing hydrogen rich water that comes as close to the healing waters of the world… without actually having to travel to these places. David set about to bring an ioniser to the market that had world class accreditations and superior technology. The Ionic H2O Elite water ioniser was to be the product. Complying with over 1000 standards in 102 countries, the Elite ticked all the boxes. The manufacturer is rated top in the USA by three independent publications, and Ionic H2O is proud to bring this world class product to the Australian market place.


We are striving to help people make a difference, and take control of their health. With the human body being over 75% water, we believe it is imperative that they have access to the best water available.


It is our mission to bring innovative and new cutting-edge products to the Australian and New Zealand market places. Products that will change lives and promote profound health outcomes in the lives of our customers and their families.