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Water flowing in nature, from high mountain glaciers, through streams and waterfalls, passing over rocks, collecting minerals becoming electrically charged and hexagonally structured is known to be 'alive' with ionic energy. As water passes over rocks, it becomes electrically charged by the earth's magnetic grid, photon energy emitted by the sun, infrared rays, cosmic energy and 'chi'. Through this process (OH-) hydroxyl ions are separated from the water molecule via the vortexes present in the moving water, creating mineralised hexagonally structured alkaline water with antioxidant (ORP) properties. This is pure pristine water with life giving properties, just as nature intended it, the type of water often talked about as the 'fountain of youth'.

Scientist Patrick Flanagan PHD, in an interview with author Paula Peterson is quoted as saying, "There are five places on Earth where people were in extremely good health and lived to be over 100 years old: Hunza Land (in the Karkorum Mountains north of Pakistan), a place in Ecuador, another in Peru, the county of Georgia in Russia, and a place in Mongolia. In these locations, the people all have very different diets. The only thing that they have in common is the water".


Miracle healing water of lourdes de France, Tlacate, Mexico, Nordenau, Germany, Nadana, and india all shown to contain active hydrogen (H-) and molecular hydrogen (H2). The glacier water consumed by the Hunza People in the Himalayan Mountains were all found to have unique properties of high pH from alkaline mineral, exhibiting a negative electrical charge (-ORP), contain active hydrogen, and a surface tension characteristic of structured water (micro-clustered).


The Ionic H2O Elite water is full of negatively charged hydrogen ions (known as hydroxyl ions OH-) as a result of molecular restructuring. The alkaline water molecule size is reduced from approximately 11-13 clusters to 4-5 clusters (smallest micro-cluster at 57Hz).


How The IONIC H2O ELITE  Water Ioniser Works

This small micro-cluster is commonly referred to as 'Restructured Alkaline Water' or 'Electrolysed Reduced Water'. The ionisation process in the electrolysis chamber of the Ionic H2O Elite creates this magical water. It is produced by running normal tap water over negative (cathode) and positive (anode) electrode plates arranged parallel to each other within an electrolysis chamber. The process separates the alkaline minerals that have a negative charge (potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium) to create an abundance of negative (hydroxyl) ions which is the alkaline water stream. The other minerals that are acidic (chlorine, fluoride, sulphur and phosphorus) create positive hydrogen which is the acid water stream. The process effectively separates the water into two streams, one being acidic (30% of total volume of input water) and the other being the prized alkaline water (70% of the remaining water).

The negative hydrogen ions in the alkaline water is what gives it the anti-oxidative properties (-ORP) and 'arms' it with the ability to search out and destroy free radicals in the body, referred to as reactive oxygen species (ROS). Dr Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director, The Water Institute, Tokyo, Japan, in his book Ionised Water Explained, is quoted as saying.


"Problems arise, however, when too many of these active oxygen molecules, or free radicals, are produced in the body. They are extremely reactive and can also attach themselves to normal, healthy cells and damage them genetically. These active oxygen radicals steal electrons from normal, healthy biological molecules. This electron theft by active oxygen oxidises tissue and can cause disease".


"There is no substitute for a healthy diet, especially rich in antioxidant materials such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other foods that are good for us. However, these substances are not the best source of free electrons that can block the oxidation of healthy tissues by active oxygen. Water treated by electrolysis to increase its reduction potential is the best solution to the problem of providing a safe source of free electrons to block the oxidation of normal tissue by free oxygen radicals. We believe that reduced water, water with an excess of free electrons to donate to active oxygen, is the best solution".


What causes free radicals? - Primary cause of chronic diseases & aging


  • Drugs - prescription and recreational

  • Alcohol

  • Smoking

  • Prolonged stress

  • Pollution

  • Food additives & preservatives

  • Chemicals - herbicides, pesticides, insecticides etc.

  • Food - additives, preservatives & artificial colourings

  • Processed foods - irradiated foods

  • Heavy metals

  • Trans-fats

  • Polyunsaturated oil - vegetable oil

  • Cooked foods - all kinds, especially fried

  • Chlorinated unfiltered tap water



Let's understand the difference


It is very confusing to the general public because the words, Alkaline Water and Alkaline Ionised Water are used interchangeably. Alkaline ionised water (reduced or electrolysed reduced water) can only be produced through electrolysis. Water Ioniser Buyers Guide 2013 says;


“While some companies make it seem that ionising is the same as alkalising, it actually is not. The companies who make these claims do not have electrical units. To ionise, you simply need electricity. Alkalising water is okay if you are on vacation and do not have access to an electrical ioniser, however, the benefits of ionised water far exceed plain alkalised water”.


There are many “Natural” Alkaline water filters on the market today, all using different filtration media (i.e. bio ceramics, carbon, silver activated carbon, natural alkaline mineral stones, silica sand etc) to achieve a high pH and alkaline water. Some systems even include magnets to create low levels of ORP. Our POD H2O falls into this category and it does a great job of re-mineralising alkaline water if you don’t have access to an electric ioniser, but it is not the same as the water that comes out of the Ionic H2O Elite water ioniser. The purity of the water from an electric ioniser is far superior, with 2 filters down to 0.1 micron, double filtration and light years ahead of quality natural filters currently available in the market place.  The electrolysis process effectively kills bacteria and microbes, something which may be left behind in a natural or non-electric ioniser. 


The “Natural” Alkaline water filters will provide hexagonally clustered water with a lower ORP (oxidative reduction potential) with the inclusion of magnets to creating an ionic electrical effect. What they don’t give you in a high “Ionic charge” and this happens when the water runs over the plates of the ioniser. It is this charge that produces the extreme levels of antioxidants and a  high negative ORP value (OH- Hydroxyl ions which aid the body in neutralising free radicals) As we all know, high ORP values are present in fresh fruit, vegetables and green tea. 


Micro clustering does not occur through non-electric alkalise devices. Water cluster size is reduced after it goes through the electrolysis process. Micro clustering occurs naturally in nature when electrical charges are induced into water through turbulent mountain streams or at the base of a waterfall or when lightning strike hits water.

In fact, the water cluster size is so small, that it can emulsify with oil. Prof Kuninaka Hironage, Head of Kuminaka Hospital has stated the following,



“The consumption of alkaline antioxidant water for a period of 2 to 3 months, I have observed the blood pressure slowly drops, due to the waters solvent ability, which dissolves the cholesterol in the blood vessels.”


The Choice is Clear!
Ionised Alkalised Micro-Clustered Water on Tap at Home

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Permelec Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plate Technology – Optimal Electrolysis (9 Plates 10* Platinum –coated medical grade titanium) with the largest surface area for better and healthier pH and ORP

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Smallest Micro-Cluster Size (57Hz)

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Unique Dual Filtration


Patented Total Microorganism™

Primary filter, 0.1 microns ACF (Active Carbon Filter) removes harmful chemicals (Chlorine, Agrichemicals, detergents, volatile organic compounds, suspended matter etc.) 

Secondary composite filter uses pure calcium and activated carbon as well as patented Pi Ceramics to kill microorganisms. The Dual filtration provides for the largest filtration in the industry with water having more contact time with the media, producing the purist, freshest, energised alkaline ionised water available at the touch of your ‘fingertips,’ without compromising essential Ionic minerals.

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