What is Ionic H2O water and why does it taste different to normal water?

Ionic H2O water is ionised alkaline water with a small micro cluster. It is enriched with dissolved oxygen and ionic minerals, and is a super antioxidant. A cleaner, smoother tasting water that won’t bloat you, but will provide optimal cellular hydration with a 99.9% purity that is ‘second to none’.

Can I become too alkaline if I drink this water?

The western diet is full of acidic foods and beverages that most of us consume on a daily basis. In fact, acidosis is a major problem for the majority of the population, and it the root cause of all chronic and degenerative diseases. If our blood pH falls below the average of pH 7.365, we have a problem as disease may set in. The body strives to maintain a correct pH balance (phosphate or bicarbonate system) using its own buffers to regulate our pH, no matter how much alkaline or acidic water we consume. Alkaline water assists the body to maintain a correct pH balance, whereas consuming too much acidic substances (acidic food, water and beverages) result in a downward spiral with our health.

So, what’s the difference between a water purifier and a water ioniser?

There are water purifiers on the market that simply filter the water and remove contaminants. There are natural water purifiers on the market that filter the water and add ionic minerals to elevate the pH to a desired alkaline level. The Ionic H2O Elite water ioniser removes many substances including chlorine at a filtration level of .01 micron. It re mineralises the water with its patented secondary filter to ensure that enough alkaline minerals are present to create ionised alkaline water that is rich in antioxidants. Some water purifying systems actually turn the water acidic and strip it of the vital ionic minerals, (calcium, magnesium, potassium etc.) as is the case with Reverse Osmosis R O, depriving the body of the essential minerals necessary to function at an optimal level.

How much alkaline water should I drink?

As a general rule, about 6 – 8 glasses, or approximately 2000ml. However water intake recommendations can vary due to many factors, extreme temperatures/environmental factors, body mass, height, health etc.

What level of alkaline water should I drink from the ioniser?

For the initial stage of drinking (level 1) pH of 7.5 – 8 for the first three weeks. Advance to the next stage (level 2) pH of 9 for the next 3 weeks. Then advance to the final level 3 with a pH around 9.7.  This will ensure that you don’t detox too rapidly, as the ionised alkaline water being small in size, is able to penetrate the cell walls more effectively and remove toxins and acidic waste from your body.

Can I store ionised alkaline water?

We always recommend to consume the water immediately fresh out of your Ionic H2O Elite Ioniser, this insures you ingest 100% of the antioxidants (OH- hydroxyl ions) and a great mineral enriched alkaline water. Storing is OK, but only for a few days (properties of the water will hold), however, the longer the water is stored, the more likely the very fragile OH- molecules will disappear and the pH will drop. Always remember to sterilise your water bottles on a regular basis with strong acidic water from your ioniser to kill microbes and remove calcium deposits.

Is it OK to boil alkaline water before I drink it?

It is not recommended, as you will lose the antioxidant properties ORP, however the water is fine for making tea or coffee as it will draw out the flavour, due to the small water cluster size.     

Can I freeze the water to make ice cubes?

Yes, it will have little impact on the ORP or pH.  A lot of health conscious folk like to put a berry (blueberry for example) in the ice cube tray for that extra bit of flavour and increased antioxidants.

Is it OK to cook with ionised alkaline water?

Yes, use it whenever possible in your cooking regime. The water will boil faster, draw out the flavours in foods and assist in nutrient uptake (the small cluster size).

Why is the water cloudy and full of little bubbles?

These tiny bubbles are hydroxyl ions OH- which is your free radical scavenger (antioxidants). This is why we recommend that you consume the water fresh out of the ioniser whenever possible.


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