Pets need good hydrating water, just like their owners, and maintaining hydration is an important aspect of your pet’s instinct to survive and stay healthy. Animals can become dehydrated just like humans and the consequences can be dire if they don’t drink enough water. Breathing, (panting for dogs), defecating/urination are responsible for significant losses of water from your pets body. It is therefore imperative that you make water readily available, as pets don’t seem to register thirst as quickly as you. In some instances, it may be necessary to teach and encourage your pet(s) to consume water, particularly during the summer months.


We’ve noticed that pets drink more water when it is ionised alkaline water. Your pets are not stupid, they’ll turn their nose up at food or water if they consider that it is not right to consume, and their not easily fooled. When given the choice, they seem to prefer ionised alkaline water over tap water, and this is most like due to the fact that the water molecule cluster is smaller in size and therefore more hydrating. Humans notice that when drinking ionised alkaline water, they do not seem to feel bloated and this is because they are experiencing optimal cellular absorption, and your pets are no different. Would you give your best friend ordinary tap water, when you knew there was something better ‘on tap’, like ionised alkaline water? 


The ‘Golden Rule’, help your pet, your best friend stay hydrated and share ionised alkaline water with them.


Just like their owners, pets need the best water possible in order to stay in good health. Pets are ever increasingly developing debilitating and fatal diseases, the same as their human counterparts. Diseases such as, arthritis, cancer and diabetes, have us going off to the vet, sometimes with success and other times not. As we all know, cancer cells can’t survive in an alkaline environment and arthritis is a result of a too much acidity in the body. Changing your pet’s water to ionised alkaline water could go a long way to improving the blood pH of your pet and their possible road to recovery, boosting their energy and vitality. As a preventative measure, we believe that every pet should not miss out on the best water, especially if you have access to water from the Ionic H2O Elite water ioniser. 


Time for a bath, without chemicals- The Ionic H2O Elite water ioniser can produce ‘Beauty Water’ (pH 5.5 slightly acidic) which is ideal for washing your pets, as it is very close to the pH of their skin. Human skin and hair has a pH of 4.5 – 5.5, so likewise it is important that we use a similar pH level when washing our beloved pets. (Note some animals will have a more alkaline skin, fur/hair, so it is always wise to go on the net and research your pets correct pH and adjust you Ioniser pH levels accordingly to suit your pets pH)


Tap water can be many more times more alkaline than ‘Beauty Water,’(weak acidic) so this is even more of a reason not to use tap water. To prevent skin diseases and their skin becoming itchy, wash and rinse in ‘Beauty Water,’ and this will improve the sheen to their hair, coats and skin. Many pets are reaping the health benefits of consuming ionised alkaline water, so make sure that you don’t let your best friend miss out.