Ionic H2O Elite Water Ioniser - Turbo Counter Top


LCD Display (colour back light)

Installation Guide - Method 1 Counter Top

Ionic H2O Elite
Water Ioniser - Turbo
Counter Top


Using the Elite Alkaline Water Ioniser System


Easy to use, this stylish alkaline water ioniser features a coloured LCD display and one-touch operation to select the pH level that you require. The control panel makes it easy to switch between acidic and alkaline water levels. All pre-sets on the Ionic H2O Elite water system can be individually adjusted to produce the pH level that you want, from strong acidic water to disinfect and sterilise, to alkaline levels for drinking and removing dirt and contaminants from fresh produce.


Technologically Advanced Alkaline Water Ioniser Machine


Elite Water systems come standard with Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plate Technology – based on the principles developed by Michael Faraday. This combined with an eco-efficient switch mode power supply (SMPS), produces advanced power disbursement capabilities and supreme ionisation/electrolysis levels, along with exceptional durability in the alkaline water system. Every Elite Alkaline Water Ioniser is built with the very best components and is packed with the most advanced features. The Elite has 9 Platinum coated, Titanium plates for extreme durability and stronger alkaline and acid water capabilities, stronger pH, and stronger oxidation reduction potential (ORP) for optimal cellular hydration.


Advanced Dual Filtration


The Elite Water Ioniser offers the most technologically advanced system in the industry. The Primary activated carbon filter removes harmful contaminants including: 


  • Chlorine

  • Detergents

  • Suspended solids like rust

  • Volatile organic compounds


The secondary composite ceramic filter – the patented ‘Total Microorganism ceramics filter’ is FDA Tested and made from fermented organic soil that works to restructure water, imparting Beneficial Information (energies, patterns) and discourages growth of unfriendly organisms. The action of the ceramics in the secondary filter helps to match your body cell’s pH balance and is loaded with ionic minerals, radiating Far Infrared rays that are beneficial to us all.


Filter Replacement Made Easy


The front panel of the Ionic H2O Elite water machine swings open to reveal the filter compartment. Simply pull the filter towards you and remove it by rotating the filter counter-clockwise. Install the new filters by turning them clockwise and closing the door.



Approved for Australia


The Ionic H2O Elite Water Ioniser has been approved for use in Australia and meets all the strict electrical standards. It has the Highest Standards of Approval & Certification. UL (Under-writers Laboratory Since 1984) - over 1,000 Standards of Safety in 102 Countries, CB (1 Mark that is recognised by 43 countries), ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.


Enjoy the Health Benefits of an Alkaline Water Machine


The Ionic H2O Elite is the only Alkaline Water Ioniser with healthy hexagonally structured Pi ceramic (TM Total Microorganism) treated water.


  • Detoxify and hydrate with the smallest micro clustered (NMR) @ 57 Hz. This small water cluster readily absorbs into the body and flushes out toxins which enables more efficient nutrient delivery to improve blood circulation, slow down the ageing process and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

  • Antioxidants – negative ORP (-500 to -800) depending on water source, assists in neutralising free radical attack from stress, alcohol, foods, pollution, chemicals, smoking and even your own body’s metabolic process.

  • Fights Acidosis – with alkaline levels between 8 – 9.5 to maintain the body’s healthy terrain.

  • Promotes Metabolism – enriched with essential ionised minerals (Ca, Mg, K, Na, etc).

  • Dissolved Oxygen – increases in the blood, helps improve productivity, increases energy levels, fights fatigue, increases concentration, and improves sleeping patterns.

  • Restructures Water – into healthy, hexagonally structured, micro-clustered water that is free from the harmful memory effect of water caused by contamination, radiation, toxic chemicals, viruses and bacteria. Refer to the book, “Hidden Messages in Water” author Masaru Emoto.