Ionic H2O Elite - 1st & 2nd Filter

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Ionic H2O Elite Filters


1st Filter – active carbon is used due to its highly porous structure and large absorption capacity. Active carbon is able to remove various substances in a natural way. Active carbon binds with microorganisms, which even under mechanical stresses such as high pressure water, the microorganisms are trapped in the filter.


2nd Filter – provides for ultra-filtration with a UF membrane.

The big advantage of the ultra-filtration compared to conventional filter methods is the sterility of the filtered water. The pores of the UF membranes are so tiny that bacteria and even viruses are too big to pass through the membrane. The TM ceramic component of the filter neutralises oxidised components in the water and has an antibiotic and sterilising effect, removing bad taste and smells from the water.



We recommend to use TM ceramic

  1. it helps to structure the water

  2. it imparts other beneficial information (energies, patterns) to the water

  3. it discourages growth of unfriendly organisms

TM-C M Ceramic


TM-C M ceramic makes water having the activity of emulsification, permeation, dispersion, and solublization and turns pH of water to weak alkaline.

TM-C R Ceramic


Water molecule contacted with TM-C R ceramic has a high anti-oxidative activities and prevents water molecules from breaking down 2 kinds of ions (H+ and OH-). Normal water treated with this ceramics turns into water having a low oxidation-reduction potential and becomes strong reducing agent. This reducing power removes or decreases hazard induced by free radicals.

TM-C EL Ceramic


TM-C EL ceramic radiates Far infrared rays most efficient and suitable for human body.

TM-C J Ceramic


TM-C J ceramic makes water having the activity of enhancing metabolism of human body, lessening oxidation and radiation of Far infrared rays.

TM-C CR Ceramic


TM-C CR ceramic contributes to generate diverse inorganic minerals in the water. Such inorganic ions acts important and varied function on the body.

TM-C pH Ceramic


TM-C pH ceramic controls pH of treated water to weak alkaline and maintains controled pH stable. Abundant ions released form ceramics keeps pH of water weak alkaline.

TM-C K Ceramic


This ceramic prevents water from microbial contamination. Far Infrared Rays radiated from this ceramics make water cluster much smaller, so purified water can be absorbed by body quite effectively. Because water passing through or contacting this ceramic possesses strong surface tension, toxic ions are bound tightly by this treated water and become harmless.

Activated Carbon


Calgon-made (made in USA) activated carbon is effectively able to remove harmful organic substances as well as mold, odor and others.

TM-C Z Ceramic


This ceramic mainly prevents water from microbial contamination.


Mechanism of anti-bacterial activity of TM-C Z ceramics

TM-C Alkali Ceramic