IONIC H2O in the work place


Improves productivity. The unique properties of ionised alkaline water OH- hydroxyl ion supplies the body with available oxygen to keep your body going and helps the cognitive function.


Improved creativity. A properly hydrated brain is able to function more efficiently and think more clearly and creatively.


Reduced sick leave. Antioxidant defence provided by the water’s OH- hydroxyl ion helps to fight free radicals and boost immunity and health of your employees.


Cost saving. Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over delivered heavy and cumbersome water bottles. Just connect the ioniser to the tap facet and your super hydrating, ionised, mineralised, energised alkaline water on tap for you and your employees.


Tea and coffee never tasted so good. Alkaline ionised water draws out the flavour and aroma in your tea and coffee, its secret is the very small water cluster size.


Stay hydrated at work. The small water cluster size is able to hydrate you up to 6 times faster than ordinary tap or bottled waters. You simply don’t get that bloated feeling. The water is softer and silky smooth making it an absolute delight to drink. It won’t take long for you to notice the change in softness and smoothness of your skin.


Invest in the health of your employees. A healthier employee is a more productive employee = increase in net profit for the business.



Order an Ionic H2O Elite water ioniser today and reap the returns!


N.b  ask your boss to install an Elite water ioniser in your work place today.