Ionic H2O RolyPoly

The Ionic H2O RolyPoly with a natural aroma cartridge is an environmentally friendly product that will change the old traditional way of washing your laundry. The Rolypoly introduces you to a new innovative way to wash and protect fabrics in one step. Lasts over 1 Year or 300 washes (based on 4 kg load). Natural aroma cartridge lasts 60 washes and is easily replaced. For use in top loader washing machines only. Gentle on skin and clothes.



Is it really possible to do laundry without detergents? So, can this small blue ball really clean dirty towels, dresses, shirts and jeans? Far-infrared ceramic and magnetic balls within the RolyPoly, split water clusters and excite the water molecules, turning ordinary tap water into activated water that is optimal for removing stains. This activated water has superior washing characteristics and is able to penetrate between the fibres of fabrics to remove dirt, protein and grease, a lot more effectively than tap water.

Gentle and fresh aroma


The Ionic H2O RolyPoly imparts the fragrance of fresh citrus lemons, straight from nature, allowing you to wash and soften your laundry all at once. The RolyPoly makes doing your laundry, simpler, greener and more economical.

Ionic H2O RolyPoly

AU$39.95 IncGST

Box of 3 Replacement Cartridges

AU$49.95 IncGST



Is it really hard to choose between convenience and nature. Ionic H2O and IonFarms can make it easy for you.

Laundry Detergent


Changes the properties of water by adding chemicals.


Releases carcinogens into the environment during manufacture.


Non degradable or partly degradable pollutants go into waterways after washing.


Chemical residue remains in fabric.


Has to be rinsed several times to wash off detergent.


Skin irritations, allergies and/or respiratory complications may occur.

Ionic H2O RolyPoly


Changes the properties of water by ceramic balls.


No toxins or chemicals are Created during manufacture.


Chemical free water goes down the sewage. Made with recyclable non-toxic plastic.


Less water required to rinse laundry.


Safe on sensitive skin.



From the very start of the manufacturing process, we use eco-friendly ingredients that go through an eco-friendly process to produce the Rolyply. We are concerned for the earth, environment and what we leave behind for future generations.

The Ionic H2O RolyPoly (Washingball) can:


  • Wash and soften your fabric in one step
  • Cut down your laundry expense
  • Protect your skin from harmful chemicals
  • Protect the Earth
  • Improve your hygiene
  • and do 300 loads of laundry