Ionic H2O Washball

Economically and ecological friendly, the Ionic H2O Washball is composed uniquely of natural ceramics contained within a plastic non-toxic sphere. It was created scientifically to clean clothes without using detergent. Lasts up to 3 years or over 1000 washes (based on a 4 kg load) suitable for front and top loading washing machines. A good general purpose washing ball.


Help the Earth and feel good!


Globally, over 10 million people are using the Classic Washball and you can contribute to making our planet a litter cleaner and healthier by using the Classic Washball today. Mother earth is a living soul and she will thank you.

2009 Winner of the Well Tech Awards – Sustainability


Is it really possible to do laundry without detergents? So, can this small green ball really clean dirty towel, dresses, shorts and jeans?


Far-infrared ceramic and magnetic balls within the Classic Washball, split water clusters and excite the water molecules, turning ordinary tap water into activated water that is optimal for removing stains. This activated water has superior washing characteristics and is able to penetrate between the fibres of fabrics to remove dirt, protein and grease, a lot more effectively than tap water.

Washboard effect


Bumps on the plastic sphere act like a washboard. The frictional force created between the bumps and cloths helps to remove dirt from the clothes. Washing is further enhanced by the water pressure created when water spurts between the bumps.

We love the Ionic H20 Classic Washball because of its


  • Eco-friendliness

  • Energy saving

  • Gentleness on skin and clothes

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Antibacterial effect

Ionic H2O Washball

AU$39.95 IncGST