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Portable Alkaline Water Ioniser


Alkaline water on the Go!


POD H2O allows you to enjoy fresh, clean alkaline water anywhere at any time. It re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water and effectively filters out chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. With over 1,300 refills from one filter, you'll stay healthy and help save the planet from wasteful plastic. It’s not just the green alternative to bottled water, you'll also be saving thousand of dollars each year.


A number of bottled waters on the market claim to be ‘alkaline’ and carry a negative charge when this is not the case. The POD H2O creates water with an Oxidation Reduction Potential of up to -250 ORP (high antioxidant) depending on the water source.


The material of the POD H2O is PET plastic. Being BPA free, PET is one of the safest plastics for the health conscious person, as it is an inert plastic that does not leach harmful chemicals into its contents.


So, don't forget to take the POD H2O with you and enjoy fresh alkaline water wherever you go.


  • Purified

  • Alkalised

  • Ionised

  • Energised

  • Mineralised