POD H2O x 1 Filter AU$30.00 IncGST

POD H2O - Filter


The POD H2O filter significantly reduces chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria from tap water. Water quality tests show that the POD H2O removes up to 99% of chlorine and 85% fluoride. 


The filter contains magnets, silver-activated carbon, somelite and coral sand. POD H2O uses “somelite” to suppress the propagation of bacteria and to produce the minerals that are  essential to the human body, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and enriched with over 40 sea based essential minerals.


Contaminant Removal Efficiency


  • 97.5% Aluminium

  • 97.3% Cadmium

  • 99.0% Chlorine

  • 85.0% Fluoride

  • 98.2% Lead

  • 85.0% Nitrate

  • 97.5% Zinc


Powerful, Long Lasting Filter!


  • Silver Activated Carbon

  • Activated Carbon

  • Bio Balls

  • Activated Silica Sand

  • Coral Sand

  • Bipolar Magnets

  • Somelite


(For optimal eficiency, replace filter every 3 months or 1300 refills)

POD H2O x 3 Filters AU$79.00 IncGST