The benefits of compost in a convenient soluble granule. Carbon-rich soil conditioner for soil-life promotion and improved moisture and nutrient retention.

Life-Force Instant Humus

  • Humic acid is an amazing natural material which increases moisture and nutrient retention, promotes beneficial soil life and increases nutrient uptake. Life-Force® Instant Humus™ is a high analysis humic acid that can be conveniently dissolved and applied with a watering can.


    Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI.
    Carbon-rich input to improve moisture and nutrient retention.
    Helps reduce the effects of toxic residues and heavy metals.
    A powerful, natural chelating agent to magnify nutrient absorption.
    Natural root growth promotion.
    Promotes fungi to create a crumb structure for better water and oxygen intake, and improved root penetration.