Features beneficial bacteria and soil-friendly fungi, with microbe food for multiplication.

Life-Force Micro-Force Home Pack

  • Microbial inocula are an exciting feature of Nutrition Gardening®. Life-Force® Micro-Force™ includes species of beneficial soil bacteria and species of 'friendly' fungi. The bacterial species make nutrients available and supply natural nitrogen. They improve soil structure and moisture retention. The fungal species convert plant residues to humus and improve the ratio of beneficial organisms in the root-zone. Several of the Micro-Force™ microbes exude plant growth promotants and can provide a profound increase in plant vitality and yield.


    Ideal for use with Life Force® Microbe Brewer™ (sold separately).
    Easy to follow brew instructions.
    Produce microbial brews containing millions of beneficial bacteria and fungi to improve soil fertility and plant nutrition.
    Rapid humus production.
    Improve nutrient recycling.