Complete kit for home production of beneficial microbe inoculums.

Life-Force Microbe Brewer

  • A highly fertile soil can contain up to 20,000 different species of bacteria, eight thousand species of fungi and many hundreds of species of protozoa, beneficial nematodes and energy-producing algae. This soil foodweb, which might number more than one thousand million beneficial organisms in a single teaspoon of good soil, is the essence of successful Nutrition Gardening®. How do we increase the number and diversity of soil life in our gardens to reap the many rewards these creatures can offer? Compost is a good option but the most effective way to regularly replenish the soil food web is to 'multiply' or 'brew' these organisms with a simple brewing unit. The Life Force® Microbe Brewer can be used to 'multiply' specialist, task-specific inocula like Life-Force® Micro-Force™ or it can be used to magnify the complete range of organisms found in well produced compost.


    Ideal for brewing Life Force® Micro-Force™ (sold separately).
    Easy to follow brew instructions.
    Produce microbial inoculums to enhance plant growth & soil health.