Organic nutrition-packed formula for quality flowers, fruit and vegetables. Includes organic nitrogen, trace elements, kelp & natural plant growth promotants.

Life-Force Organic Boost

  • Many soils lack the nutrients required to produce and maintain healthy plants, trees and lawns. Life Force® Organic Boost™ offers a wide range of nutrients, including organic nitrogen, trace elements, kelp and natural plant growth promotants, in a concentrated liquid which is suitable for all gardens.


    Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI.
    A multi-purpose organic liquid fertiliser for healthy gardens throughout the year (complement with Organic Blooms™ for fruit, vegetable and flower production).
    Easy to use fertiliser suitable for all home garden nutritional requirements.
    Improve the long-term health of plants, trees and lawns.
    Improve the quality, taste and shelf-life of fruit and vegetables.