Benefits of Silver


Colloidal Silver has been found to be effective against many common bacterial strains, has never been shown to react with other medications, does not affect the body's good bacteria and due to the way in which it works, bacteria do not seem to develop any measureable resistance to it.


The word Colloid means particiles dispersed or suspended in another substance. Proper Colloidal Silver (True Silver Colloid) is difficult to manufacture. For optimal efficiency there should be a high concentration of silver particles and the particles should be in the range of 1 - 5 nanometres in size to attain maximum surface area. Because they are complete particles they do not combine with other elements in the body, even withstanding hydrochloic acid in the stomach. The particles are too small to see, but as a Colloid will render the liquid a golden yellow colour.


Ionic Silver contains mainly silver ions with only a very low concentration of Colloidal Silver particles. These ions don't have time to bring any benefits because they are quickly attracted to other ions in the body, particularly chloride. Only the very small percentage of Colloidal Silver particles in an ionic solution will survive to produce some benefit. Ionic Silver does have antimicrobial properties, but mainly in situations where chloride is not present. An Ionic Silver solution is clear, colourless and looks like water.


Only particles of silver, rather than ions, are active within the human body, and for this reason the silver particle content of any Colloidal Silver product is crucial in determining possible benefits.

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