Ionic H2O Elite Water Ioniser Uses
Ionised Alkaline Water
  • Suitable for the initial stage of drinking alkaline water (first few weeks).

  • Use as a wellness water for pets.

  • The preparation of beverages, tea, coffee and juices. Alkaline water will draw out the flavour in tea and coffee, whilst enriching the smooth taste and aroma, and removing any bitterness.


  • Suitable for watering plants requiring alkaline based water.

  • Ideal for washing vegetables (effectively removes oil based pesticides, herbicides and agrichemicals). For best results, it is recommended to soak them for 20 – 30 minutes.


  • Cooking soups, meat and rice, it effectively permeates the ingredients to extract the true flavours, while balancing out the acidity. Using alkaline water when cooking, helps to eliminate any bad tastes/smells, but still retains their unique tastes. A tip when cooking rice, wash it first in acidic water and then soak it in alkaline water for 30 – 60 minutes before cooking.


  • The preparation of fresh fruit and vegetables that you may wish to store or put aside prior to consumption – leave them soaking in strong alkaline water as this will stop them turning ‘brown’ preventing oxidation, achieving longer lasting freshness.


  • Alkaline level 3 water effectively helps clean the body of toxins and increases metabolism.

Neutral pH 7
  • Created purified water, ideal for taking medicine (doesn’t disturb the pH chemistry) and making babies formula.

  • Ideal for washing face and hair. Acid’s water astringent properties help to improve skin elasticity and for this reason it will tighten and smoothen your skin and make you feel younger.


  • A foot rinse to clean athlete’s foot.


  • Use as a rinse water for acne and other skin problems, killing bacteria and improving skin condition.


  • As a first aid treatment for insect bites and minor cuts and abrasions, as it disinfects and promotes recovery.


  • After shaving, use as a toner/conditioner for irritated skin (astringent properties).


  • As a gargle to kill germs and microbes that cause colds and bad breath.


  • Great to use as a final rinse when making pasta and noodles etc, improving firmness.


  • Use to water plants that require an acid based water.


  • Rinse your pets to help prevent skin disease and itch, and improve the sheen to their hair and coates.


Acidic Water
  • A secondary rinse water for washing of fruit and vegetables


  • For the washing and rinsing of dishes.

General: Strong Acid/Alkaline water suitable for cleaning, disinfecting, washing and sterilising.


  • A sterilizing agent to clean and remove unseen germs off surfaces.


  • To soak chopping boards and knives in acidic water weekly (20 -30 minutes) to clean and sterilise.


  • House cleaning – effectively removes dirt and grime.


  • Cleaning the stove


  • Polishing and cleaning mirrors, glass, knives and spectacles.


  • Stainless steel pots and pans with baked on food – soak overnight to remove stains and burnt on carbon.


  • Rinse sponges to kill fungal and bacterial growth.

Turbo Function