Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. The product warranty is valid for 5 years (60 months) from the date of purchase. The Warranty covers repair or replacement by Ionic H2O at no charge for any manufacturing defects or spontaneous failures that occcur during the warranty period.


2. The following events are excluded from the warranty and the repair cost will be charged to the customer.

  • Accidental damage caused by dropping an Ioniser or damage caused in something of a similar nature

  • A failure caused by improper or negligent use.

  • Any repairs or modifications performed by non-authorised representatives

  • Damaged caused by natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, floods, lightening etc.)


3. The customer shall bear the costs fo repair and replacement after the validity of the warranty period


4. This warranty shall not be reissued. Please retain records of purchase in (the event of a claim) and store in a safe place


5. Please provide proof of purchase in the event of a warranty claim



Full payment must be recieved before items are dispatched. If in the event of payment is not recieved or a payment method is declined, then no items will be freighted.


Shipping Criteria/Returns

Once the item/s is fully paid for by the buyer in the amount advertised by the seller at the time of purchase - then the item/s will be frieghted. If in the event that the item/s is lost during shipping, then the entire amount including frieght will be refunded to the customer. If the item arrives damaged from the freight company, then an investigation will be launched into the cause of the damage. If the freight company is at fault, then the damaged unit will be collected at the sellers expense and a new unit will be dispatched to the customer. Ionic H2O must be notified immediately of the damage. No items will be accepted for returning without a RAN (Return Authorisation Number) being issued. Please contact Ionic H2O to obtain a RAN.